Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio at the 29th Annual Review Music Awards

    icon Apr 14, 2015
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The reality and beauty of Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio is the stuff of contemporary folklore, revolving around  vocalist, songwriter, and de-facto muse Eric ‘Brody’ Braeutigam, who drew the muscular and adept backline of bassist Josh Rodammer and drummer Cody Little together, along with guitarist Derek Burk to carve tonal coloration into Brody’s original songs with his talented fretwork.

Each member of the trio credits Brody as being the spiritual fulcrum that allows the band to detail the complexion of each original gem they create and at this year's Review Music Awards, they soldiered onward as a threesome after drummer Cody Little was hospitalized due to a car crash two days prior to the ceremony.

Musically the group is constantly open to new influences and sounds, yet were absorbed by both Classic Rock and America’s rich musical legacy of the Blues and Folk at a young enough age to inform their material. Each song on their stunning new release, Sing for My Supper, reveals an amalgamation of influences that in their effort to create something fresh and unique with each track allows for a divergent range of expression. This allows them to be both explosive and controlled and explore the full range of  emotion between those extremes with their material.

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