Is Climate Engineering Real?

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The White House is considering a plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the earth in a bid to halt global warming, a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM).  A supercomputer called Derecho is analyzing the effects of solar geoengineering to help climate scientists decide whether SRM will be a good idea.

U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently interviewed Dane Wigington, founder of, about climate engineering and its hidden role in climate change. According to Wigington, geoengineering projects of various kinds are already having severe impacts on weather patterns, along with our ability to grow food, biodiversity and human health.

The White House report released June 30th reveals that the Biden administration is open to studying the possibility that altering sunlight might quickly cool the planet. But it added a degree of skepticism by noting that Congress has ordered the review, and the administration said it does not signal any new policy decisions related to a process. The report noted several ways authorities could look to achieve SRM, all of which come with potentially devastating consequences if they backfire.

Policymakers in the European Union recently called for an international assessment of geoengineering risks, noting that: "These technologies introduce new risks to people and ecosystems, while they could also increase power imbalances between nations, spark conflicts,  and raise a myriad of ethical, legal, governance and political issues.”

Supercomputer to Determine Effects

According to Scientific American, a supercomputer called Derecho will help climate scientists decide whether to block the sun:  “A new supercomputer for climate research will help scientists study the effects of solar geoengineering, a controversial idea for cooling the planet by redirecting the sun's rays”.

The machine began operating in July at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and will allow scientists to run more detailed weather models for research on solar geoengineering, said Kristen Rasmussen, a climate scientist at Colorado State University who is studying how human-made aerosols, which can be used to deflect sunlight, could affect rainfall patterns.

Because Derecho is three and a half times faster than the previous NCAR supercomputer, her team can run more detailed models to show how regional changes to rainfall can be caused by the release of aerosols, adding to scientists' understanding of the risks from solar geoengineering. The machine will also be used to study other issues related to climate change.”

Geoengineering Is the Biggest Contributor to Climate Change

A geoengineering map created by the ETC Group and the Heinrich Boell Foundation, shows how geoengineering projects have expanded from some 300 in 2012, to more than 1,700 in 2023. Intentional geoengineering — including solar dimming — has been going on for more than 70 years and has exponentially expanded in more recent years. This includes carbon capture/removal, solar radiation reduction and a variety of weather modification projects worldwide.

Broadly, geoengineering programs were initially implemented after World War II, starting in the polar regions. For years, anyone who said that geoengineering and weather modification was being used was labeled a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. As it turns out, with the White House report just released, mainstream naysayers are suddenly admitting it as well.

Are Chemtrails Real?

One geoengineering technique used across the world involves the dispersion of chemicals and metals into the atmosphere, a practice colloquially referred to as chemtrailing.

A key difference between regular condensation trails from aircraft and particulate trails (chemtrails) is that condensation trails evaporate rather quickly. They will not block 80% to 90% of solar uptake and create global dimming like chemtrails do. The persistent lines you see in the sky that very slowly disperse, creating a muddy, hazy, film across the entire sky are NOT condensation trails. They are particulate trails, or “chemtrails.” The particles dispersed in the air column are further manipulated via radiofrequency transmissions.

The Alaskan installation known as HAARP is but one facility involved. There are dozens of other large, ground-based facilities just like it around the globe. Smaller networks and NEXRAD radar stations located in urban areas around the world are also employed. All these networks are used to manipulate the particles dispersed via “chemtrails” in the atmosphere.

One of the key ingredients in these particulate trails is nanosized aluminum, which is neurotoxic to animals and humans. Aluminum also kills the root systems of plants and trees, as well as the soil microbiome. It also alters soil pH, which makes it harder for some crops to grow. One of the reasons aluminum is used is because it has high reflectivity, so sunlight bounces off it.

According to Wigington, climate engineers have stated they’re depositing tens of millions of tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere annually as part of ongoing solar radiation management programs — “with no consideration for the consequences whatsoever.”

Lab tests conducted by GeoengineeringWatch also shows the presence of barium, strontium, titanium, manganese, polymer fibers, surfactant chemicals, and graphene in these particulate trails, as well as in rain. While all these ingredients are studied for their effectiveness in geoengineering, no research is being done to ascertain what the health effects might be on populations, vegetation and wildlife below.

Wigington also warns that these aerosol sprays can be used to disperse bio-weapons and may have been used for this purpose already. He cites a Washington Post article that noted the U.S. Army conducted 239 open-air germ warfare tests on the U.S. population between 1949 and 1969 alone.

Where Are the Whistleblowers?

According to Wigington, we have evidence that commercial airlines began to be used for particulate release operations in 2002, when restrictions on passenger luggage were implemented. That’s not to say that pilots or airline employees know what’s going on, but some airliners are equipped with nozzles and tanks for this purpose.

According to Wigington, the reason there are so few whistelbosers is because those in the know are all under gag order.  This includes weathermen. Secrecy is also upheld through massive compartmentalization.  Still, we know weather modification and geoengineering is real. Not only can we see it in the sky and measure the toxic particles in the aerosol and on the ground, but we also have patents describing these processes.

The U.S. government owns many of the primary ones. Others are held by defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, which also do all the weather modeling for the U.S. national weather service. The reason weathermen can predict an area will have partial sun seven days in advance is because we don’t have natural weather anymore. We have programmed weather.

And the reason Raytheon and Lockheed oversee weather modeling is because they’re also neck-deep in weather modification and need to maintain control of the narrative.

Resources, Sources & References

To learn more about weather modification and geoengineering, check out It has a wealth of information, shareable resources, patents and documents relating to geoengineering programs. Also check out Wigington’s full-length documentary, “The Dimming”.  Another good article about the background of Geoengineering is ‘The Frightening Politics of Geoengineering’ written by Clive Hamilton that can be found in ‘our World’ by United Nations University.

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