The Armed Man • Saginaw Choral Society Presents a Community Concert for Peace

Performance Set for May 4th at The Temple Theatre

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On Saturday, May 4th the Saginaw Choral Society will present 'The Armed Man: A Community Concert for Peace' at 3:00 PM at Saginaw's Historic Temple Theatre.  The Armed Man, Karl Jenkins’ brilliant work for chorus, soloists, and orchestra, is dedicated to the victims of the Kosovo Conflict of 1998-99. Twenty-five years later, amidst today's global political climate, its message for “a thousand years of peace” resonates even more.

At the performance, the Choral Society will pay heartfelt tribute to those currently serving and those who have bravely served our nation.  Attendees are welcome to bring a Veteran or someone currently serving and they will receive a complimentary ticket along with the paid admission.  This is available by phone order only.

When asked what his motivation was for choosing this piece, Artistic Director, Jeremiah Kraniak, responded: "Nowadays, it seems like a struggle to turn on the television or the radio.  There is so much adversity in the world it becomes difficult to find the energy to celebrate life. War is raging in countries across the globe, political ideations are dividing friends and families, and random acts of violence are rampant in communities across our country. In light of those things, making music seems trivial."

"And then, one day I was reminded of a work by Karl Jenkins; "The Armed Man: A Mass for PEACE," he continues.  "I pulled out the score, as I used to study the work in graduate school, and started flipping through its pages. All at once it came rushing back to me. It was the understanding that war, strife and struggle are not new to our world. That, for centuries, humans have suffered at the hands of one another. And, yet, through all of that suffering, the desire and hope for peace has held countless communities together. War causes destruction and despair, but peace inspires hope and understanding."

There are many pieces like The Armed Man in the musical repertoire," he reflects,  "but for me, no other work has painted such a vivid picture of the consequences of war and the hope of saving future generations from experiencing such pain."

"The message is clear, "Better is peace than always war." Tolerance and acceptance are found in the shadows of knowledge and understanding. When we acknowledge and remember the horrors caused by war and violence, we begin to see opportunities to celebrate the lives of all human beings."

"My desire is to experience a life that is happy, healthy, and full of peace. I know that begins with knowledge. And so, I have chosen to present The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace to my community. My goal is to honor and acknowledge the consequences of war, with the hope of inspiring the desire to continue striving for peace."

"And again I am reminded that music is never trivial," he concludes.  "There is much work to be done, but I believe in the power of this work o communicate a clear message. That message is hope, and love, and peace.

"As Alfred Tennyson said, "Ring out the thousand wars of old. Ring in the thousand years of peace."

Tickets can be purchased at or by phoning 989.754.7469.

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