The Triumph & Tragedy of Joseph Newman • How the World Was Denied Free Energy

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Few stories are as tragic, shocking, and disheartening as the fight and plight of inventor Joseph Newman - an American inventor who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars inventing an energy devise that harnessed huge amounts of power from an electro-magnetic field that could have revolutionized the way we heat our homes, power our automobiles, and reversed the tide of global warming that threatens us.  

He had the backing of physicists, he had the backing of the public, and he had the backing of investors. His invention could have literally offered freedom for humanity from the tyranny of the big coal, oil, and nuclear companies that virtually own, dictate, and control global energy policy today; which of course amounts to heresy in today’s world, wherein the individual is less important than our corporate government.

And in his incredible documentary Newman, which was released in 2015 and is currently available on Amazon Prime video, director Jon Fox chronicles Newman’s remarkable invention and the way Big Energy killed and buried it, condemning us all to the corporate bondage we continue to suffer under today.

Newman`s invention produced 25 times the energy it consumes by electromagnetically converting mass to energy. His  fight was not a result of intelligent inquiry into whether his invention worked or not, it was with the United States Patent Office. The required scientific investigations, which demonstrated his device functioned exactly how he said it did in every case, brought terror to the academic industry because there were research grants in the balance. And then there were the special interests of the wealthy (J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison, et al.) whose cash cow was humanity’s dependence on their energy methods solely.

I cannot understate either the importance and power of this film, comprised of interviews and archival television footage that it took him 15 years to dig up, shoot, and piece together; and at the heart of the film is the debate over ‘perpetual motion’ and the fact that Newman disproved the 1st & 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics that state energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it only can be transferred or converted to heat. Once this has happened, the laws say, some energy always is dispersed as waste. In other words, you can`t get something for nothing.

In 1979 Newman applied for a patent with the United States Patent Office to protect his invention and  enlisted the support of more than 30 scientists, including a NASA aerospace engineer, a nuclear physicist and an electrical engineer who worked on the Saturn 5 project.

After witnessing the energy machine and running his own tests, Roger Hastings, a senior physicist at the Sperry Corp. in Minnesota, wrote: ''The future of the human race may be dramatically uplifted by the large scale commercial development of this invention.''

Newman`s theory, which he calls the ''unified field theory'' works on the principle that all matter is concentrated energy which could be released if one had a mechanism for unlocking it. This principle is at the very heart of Einstein`s famous E=MC 2 equation.

Three years later, after the Patent Office rejected Newman`s patent in 1982, saying ''More output than input attained smacks of `perpetual motion,''` Newman requested a re-examination. The request was granted, but his patent was not. Newman says he was told that if he submitted a single affidavit from an expert who had witnessed the machine and had tested it, he could have his patent. He submitted 30 such affidavits. And still no patent. In January, 1983, Newman sued the Patent Office in U.S. District Court in Washington.

The case was assigned to Judge Thomas Jackson who, when faced with conflicting claims, appointed a special master to investigate Newman`s machine. That special master was William E. Schuyler Jr., a former head of the Patent Office. At the time Judge Jackson called Schuyler`s credentials superb.  Yet, one-year later, in the fall of 1984, Judge Jackson refused to accept Schuyler`s results after the special master found that Newman ''is entitled to a patent based upon his experiments and results.''

Newman`s attorney, James Flannery, requested that a pioneering patent be granted on the basis of the master`s report. The Patent Office attorney asked the court to reject the special master`s report and to ''refrain from believing those who apparently believe in the tooth fairy.''

Judge Jackson did neither, saying: ''I am not prepared at this point to conclude that . . . Newman has produced a truly pioneering invention of the order of magnitude of the atomic and hydrogen bomb. Nevertheless, I am also equally unprepared to say on this record that Mr. Newman is a crackpot as a matter of law and that his invention cannot possibly, as a matter of physical principles, operate under any circumstances.''

Newman was ordered to surrender his machine to the Patent Office for testing at the National Bureau of Standards. So, still without his patent, Newman was billed $11,602 for the special master`s report.

Subsequently,  the National Bureau of Standards released a 35-page report which concluded: ''At all conditions tested, the input power exceed the output power. That is, the device did not deliver more energy than it used.''

Newman and physicist Hastings disputed the National Bureau of Standards methodology for testing the machine. As it turns out, In the testing process, the Bureau grounded the energy machine, which dispersed much of its generated energy before it could be measured, which they were not supposed to do in order to test it properly.  In his own tests of the machine, Hastings said that he never has had less than 100 percent results.

Newman persuaded seven members of Congress to sponsor private bills on his behalf that would order the Patent Office to grant him a patent, but they never prevailed.

The Aftermath

Some 30-plus years after all this went down, a group of engineers & inventors who have studied and built their own over-unity machines and are angered by the lie that has been perpetuated for over 100 years: that only closed system of energy manufacture work and will always require more power in than out - have converged to form annual Energy Science & Technology Conferences; however, these great innovators continue to face intransigence & resistance because of how tightly this lie is woven into the fabric of our society - coupled with the fact that to date, anyone who was tried to bring the light of truth has been destroyed.

At their 2017 conference, one of the presentations was a demonstration of the Joseph Newman Motor by Geoffrey Miller. Geoffrey’s expertise in free energy devices spans 5 decades and has culminated in a 5,000 sq. ft. lab packed with equipment and devices that he has replicated. A big Nikola Tesla fan, Geoffrey has replicated just about everything Tesla ever invented. But he has replicated other inventors’ devices too.

Geoffrey worked closely with Joseph Newman in the 1990s and learned the magnetic secrets of the motor. Although Newman died in 2015, people are now able to replicate his work, thanks to Geoffrey’s disclosure of the circuit design at the 2017 Energy Conference.

In Geoffrey’s own words: “At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I chose to give the first ever full disclosure on what I was privy to regarding the Newman Motor. In the past, I have given interviews, discussed some of the basics, have shown a few people the commutator working, but left out a lot of details. Those details are what I shared openly in this new presentation and my hope is that you will really appreciate the implications of what I’m sharing.”

Perhaps the most exciting and earthshaking news to report about this technology is Geoffrey’s replication, in his lab, of Newman’s big motor, which will be finished well before his presentation at the 2019 Energy Conference.

However, due to new knowledge, materials and innovation, Geoffrey has not only doubled the weight of Newman’s machine, he has greatly increased the efficiency.  Although this conferenced happened last month in July, if you would like to register for the 2020 Conference and learn more, please visit this link:

It is important that Newman’s legacy may be redeemed and we can be released from our prison of ignorance.






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