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Merging Bands, Art, Spirits & Humanity

This year the 2nd annual Hamilton Corridor BASH takes place on the weekend of August 11-12-13th and will showcase a broad spectrum of 37 top regional musical bands along with a national headliner performing on three stages, bring nearly two dozen visual artists together for a reprisal of the Westside Art Fair, and also feature local cuisine and spirits from regional restaurants.

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Looks to the Future with New Ownership, an Expanded Menu, and a Renewed Commitment to Showcasing Live Music

With a rich legacy written about in song and spanning four decades, The Hamilton Street Pub is without doubt a pivotal jewel in the crown of the Old Town Saginaw Entertainment District. Since the mid-1970s it has served as a vital venue for featuring live original music, up and coming new artists emerging in the region, as well as significant national acts; and today it stands as the only venue left in Old Town that regularly showcases live entertainment.

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A Timeline & History of Michigan's Longest Running Community Theatre Company

Bay City Players is celebrating their 100th Season this year! As the longest running community theatrical company continuously operating in the State of Michigan, we hope you find this historical timeline and highlights both fascinating and informative.

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Pivotal ‘Players’ Share Memories & Reflections on the Centennial Celebration of Bay City Players Legacy Within the Cultural Community

“The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means ‘the seeing place’. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.” - Stella Adler

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The Recording Life of Adrian Kerridge

Adrian Kerridge is an obscure English producer, hardly known outside of Great Britain despite his six decades of recording, arranging and producing rock & roll television scores and movies. Kerridge has fashioned 14 chapters from 319 pages of his remembrances of the music industry, beginning when he first hit pay dirt in 1954, working as a young lad at IBC studios.

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Other Articles

A Swan-Song to Summer Featuring Top-Notch Music, Family Activities & Cultural Reinvestment in the Region

The 13th Annual Sanford Lake Park Parkapaloopza Festival is our musical swansong to Summer and one of our region’s most celebrated gatherings, largely because it allows fans, friends, and families an opportunity to bask in the sun and soak up a bountiful array of activities and top-notch musical nourishment on a half-mile of lakefront with 1000 feet of soft sandy beach.

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Indie Bands Rock Annual Bay CIty Event

The 12th Annual Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival will be held in Bay City from September 28 - October 1. This year's music line-up was announced in a special event at Unity Park on August 10.

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As fate would have Gordy Garris Jr. has inherited his father’s gift for music, harmony and lyricism. This document is a testament to the abiding craft that has emerged in the hills and valleys of Bay City, Midland and Saginaw.

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Greta Van Fleet seemed to emerge from the ether as fully formed prodigies, channeling Led Zeppelin and leaping to the front of the pack. They have the look and sound of classic rockers yet have embraced the earthy realism of singers like Janis Joplin and Buddy Guy and the soulfulness of Sam and Dave.

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ArtPrize sculpture a Tribute to Blue Collar Workers and Significant Addition to the Museum's Permanent Collection

The Saginaw Art Museum welcomes The Last Whistle sculpture, created by Ken Newman, into their permanent collection. The sculpture was donated to the Saginaw Art Museum by the Jury Foundation and will be permanently placed outdoors on a specially designed patio, in front of the museum.

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The Amazing Legacy of a 4th Generation Cultural Treasure

The iconoclastic and undeniably unique presence that White’s Bar harbors throughout the Saginaw community and beyond is truly the stuff that legends are made. Comprised of qualities that include vision and tireless commitment mixed with profound amounts of passion and hard work, on Saturday, July 29th from 1 PM until 2 AM this ‘little family bar’ located at 2609 State St. will be staging their 80th Anniversary Celebration with an all-day outdoor festival featuring more than a dozen bands performing both inside and outside this classic Saginaw landmark.

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As a self-styled aficionado of stringed instruments, I’ve asked a number of players and builders over the years a pretty standard question: “What makes a good guitar?” When I recently sat down with luthier Jason Mills, the founder of Highwood Guitars, he gave me perhaps the most interesting answer I have gotten to date: “Curiosity.”

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Bay City Players Explore the Search for Freedom in the Untamed Landscape of the Summer of Love

When it first opened on Broadway back in the Spring of 1968, HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical was as equally radical and defiant as it was inclusive, embracing, and emblematic of the times it reflected.

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HHM Does Hip Hop

There is perhaps no greater influence on modern pop culture than that of hip-hop music. It is with this fact in mind that Hell's Half Mile celebrates the fashion, beats, rhythms and rhymes of independent hip-hop at their second SPIT N' SPIN concert event. In addition to Lightnin' Licks Vinyl Preservation Society spinnin' classic cuts from their extensive catalogue of hip-hop LPs, some of the most accomplished underground artists from the Mitten State and beyond will be sharing a stage in the Empire Room on July 14.

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Celebrating a Musical Legacy of Cross-Cultural Camaraderie

As one of the region’s pioneering summer concert festival series, Friday Night Live is also one of the pivotal events for the the organizing group known as Positive Results in Downtown Saginaw that patented the concept for packaging six consecutive weekends that merge commerce, culture and community together in a series of weekly Theme Concerts that are held in Morley Plaza on Washington Avenue (M-13) in Downtown Saginaw.

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