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Dissecting the Details on the Move to End Gerrymandering

Activists calling themselves “Voters Not Politicians” need 315,654 net signatures to place a Constitutional Amendment on the Michigan Ballot next November. They submitted 425,000 gross signatures with the state on December 18, 2017, and if their validity rates are typical they should have enough valid signatures to achieve ballot access. They claim to be an all-volunteer group, whatever that means these days.

28th December, 2017 | 0 Comments

Initiative May Appear on Michigan's November Ballot

The prevailing wage law was enacted in 1965; it provided that the state department of labor determine, before taking bids on any state sponsored government contract, mandatory prevailing wage and benefits for each type of contractor or mechanic according to local union wage rates.

28th December, 2017 | 0 Comments

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And a large chunk of these voters as it stands will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

They are a vast group of disaffected voters who have given up on the system. They are largely made up of people who no longer vote or never voted before. They are not as some often think taking away votes from Hillary Clinton. What they are in fact are voters that the Democratic Party has never had or no longer have. Like “The Occupy Movement” and “Black Lives Matter Movement”

05th April, 2016 | 1 Comments

New Bill Could Land on Snyder’s Desk Next Week

Both the pro-marijuana and anti-fracking groups are relatively close to the 252,523 valid signatures needed to get these issues on the state’s November ballot, but they have one problem: some of the signatures are too old.

26th March, 2016 | 0 Comments

As if Gerrymandering, Super Delegates, and Electoral Colleges Weren't Enough...

At what point do we start questioning the democracy of the elections in our country?

24th March, 2016 | 0 Comments

Demystifying the Donald Demand

Certainly I would be the first to admit, Mr Trump is something new in politics. The first politician seemingly impervious to attack ads. There isn't an ad that can be produced that is worse than some of the things already coming out of his mouth. So what is the allure?

24th March, 2016 | 29 Comments

Quick Logic

Recently studies by Tax Lawyers and Tax Bookkeepers show that Republican policies only benefit the wealthiest 0.5 Americans at a cost to everyone below including most of their own supporters and today's Democratic Party only benefits the top 10% and hurts everyone below including most of their own supporters. Any wonder Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so wildly popular. Next Question.

21st March, 2016 | 1 Comments

Guest Commentary by Senator Ken Horn

I was asked to provide a direct response to a guest editorial regarding a road funding alternative that was recently introduced in Lansing. The irony is that no one would likely know that choices for road repair were even an option, except for Mr. Schmid's panicked concern. His editorial, written without contacting me or my office, gives me the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions and concerns.

04th February, 2016 | 0 Comments

A Review Position Paper

As we embark upon a new year – and more importantly, an important Presidential election year – and as the Review enters its 37th year of publishing, I feel it incumbent to articulate a renewed Position Paper of sorts designed not only to re-define and renew what I perceive to be the Editorial Mission of this publication; but also address a growing concern with journalistic media on all levels of the national spectrum.

14th January, 2016 | 0 Comments

Former Saginaw City Manager's Pivotal Role in the Flint Water Crisis

Back in 2014, while under the control of Emergency Manager Darnell Earley, the City of Flint started drawing its municipal water from the corrosive Flint River. As the former City Manager of Saginaw from 2006-13, Earley left his position in Saginaw after receiving an appointment from Gov. Rick Snyder to become Flint’s new ‘Emergency Manager’ in order to help solve that beleaguered city’s fiscal crisis.

14th January, 2016 | 0 Comments

The voters have spoken. No means no, right? Apparently Saginaw County Senator Ken Horn does not understand this. Horn has just sponsored another Proposition 1 style ballot question (Senate Joint Resolution M) to increase the state sales tax from 6% to 7%.​

14th January, 2016 | 0 Comments

Where Up is Down and We All Take a Ride on the Merry-go-round

2015 was a depressing yet hopeful year politically. Depressing, because it further emphasized the economic disparity throughout America that is ripping our country apart at the seams through the polarization of extremes on both sides of the spectrum, which in the process has squeezed out rationality. Hopeful, because on several fronts of the local, national, and statewide landscape, people were looking outside the mainstream for ways to fix the system.

17th December, 2015 | 0 Comments

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