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On the Rocks & Rolled • A Bourbon & Cigar Experience

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Indulge in an extraordinary experience at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant with a meticulously curated 4-course dinner, thoughtfully paired with Maker's Mark bourbons. Our culinary team has crafted each course to complement the distinct flavors of Maker's Mark, blending innovative techniques with classic pairings for a cohesive and memorable dining adventure. Join us to raise a glass in celebration of fine cuisine and the artistry of Maker's Mark craftsmanship, creating an unforgettable evening of culinary delights.After your delightful 4-course dinner, head outdoors to the Fischer Platz for some entertainment and enjoy a Maker's Mark cigar from Ashes & Ales, accompanied by a refreshing Maker's Mark Mint Julep. Embrace the laid-back atmosphere as you unwind with friends, savoring the flavors and creating memorable moments. It's the perfect way to continue the evening after your exceptional meal. Reservations are required. Cost is $125.00 per person and includes bourbons, meal, cigar, show, tax and gratuity. 6 to 9 PM. Bavarian Inn, 713 S. Main, Frankenmuth. Phone 989-652-9941.