Issue 650

06th December, 2007 - 19th December, 2007

New CD Release 'Between Seasons' Showcases The Divergence & Spacious Depth of Material

Any artist capable of moving an audience or listener is usually informed by the past & present musical heritage that surrounds him as equally as he is impassioned about the texture of his vision and desire to render his own singular contributions into the creative lexicon.

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Special for Review Magazine

Good insulation and extra blankets can help low-and low-middle income families avoid the tragedy of a home-heating utility shutoff.  Knowledge of legal rights also can make a difference. That's where Deb Pratt often comes into the picture.

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The Saginaw Art Museum Takes on a daunting exhibit with The Art & Spirit of India

Too often, western countries picture India as a Third World entity with strange customs and an even stranger allegiance to the bovine.  Perhaps it's because of the myriad of identities within that has it confused with so many other civilizations.

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For a seasoned vet, Cindy McElroy is very clear about her musical intentions; she does not expect to change the world, she simply writes music for herself. Along her own road, McElroy found an audience that also enjoys the music she performs.

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An Exclusive Interview from 1990

“We have grown up in a world more in decay than the worst of the Roman Empire; a cowardly world chasing after a good time but chasing it without the courage to pay the hard price of full consciousness - we want the warmth of pleasure without the grip of pain, and therefore the future threatens a nightmare, and we continue to waste ourselves.

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