Issue 660

08th May, 2008 - 22nd May, 2008

Time Has Come Today (or Bad Flashbacks to McGovern, 1972)

In order to make progress possible, blacks have to give up on the past. Tomorrow is their only option. - The End of Blackness, Debra J. Dickerson  I haven't been this fired up about a presidential election since 1972 when Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern stood behind his running mate Thomas Eagleton one thousand percent .

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Tougher penalties for gang-crime perpetrators are a necessary first step, says Roger Kahn, Saginaw's State Senator.  Others are not so sure about a proposed law that would add up to 20 prison years for felony crimes if gang connections were proven in court.

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Lt. Governor Cherry's slurry pit decision in conflict with MDEQ technical staff and CDC If you ever questioned the rapidity with which politicians get into bed with large corporate interests, the following is but the latest in a long line of compromise and abdication of duty when it comes to protecting public health and looking after our natural resources.

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A Santana concert is a musical celebration of all things past, present, and future. Uniquely playing to a three-quarters version of the Palace of Auburn Hills (upper balcony closed all around), Carlos and company traveled far and wide Friday, April 18, once again to spread the positive world-music love that only he can dish out four decades onward.

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Two Legends Unite for an Audio Visual Extravaganza

If Martin Scorsese had access to IMAX film technology in the 1970s, The Last Waltz would have been a very different film. Van Morrison's garish, purple, V-neck shirt would look even more garish and purple.

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