Issue 669

09th October, 2008 - 22nd October, 2008

The deed is done. Navigated in the midst of a crisis, Congress managed to pass the $700 billion Wall Street 'Bailout Plan', but only after the Senate added another $100 billion in spending packages, leaving the majority of Americans exiled on Main Street to ask, 'Where's my happy chocolates?' And more importantly, how are we going to pay for all of this? As the Dow continues to decline, even after the so-called 'rescue package', and Americans watch their retirement plans evaporate into thin air, less than one month before the Presidential election, the key questions Americans are asking is how did we get here and what do we do now? Two days after the first failed vote on the bailout package, Saginaw Valley State University hosted a major forum entitled Wall Street to Main Street: What the Bailout Means.

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The Ultimate Rolling Stones Experience

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  And when it comes to a band like The Rolling Stones, given the distinct mannerisms, inflections, and style of each of their notorious members, it can also be the most difficult type of imitation to pull off.

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In Bay County, which is heavily Democratic, voters may wish to pause on November 4th before they pull a lever for Barack Obama and a straight Democratic ticket. The Democratic candidate for prosecutor in Bay County is appointed incumbent Kurt Asbury, opposed by attorney, Edward Czuprynski, whom is running as an independent.

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Musical version of \"Some Like It Hot\"

There's a good reason why people worship icons - and not only religious icons. At home and abroad, advertisers, magazine editors and anyone looking to reap some serious coin know that iconic film stars sell.

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It may not be as massive as the annual display staged in Detroit, but the Northwood University International Auto Show is coming up on the inside track, featuring over 450 new domestic & imported cars, trucks, vans, experimental, specialty and recreational vehicles on the campus of Northwood University the weekend of October 10-12th, as the event celebrates its 45th anniversary.

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