Issue 675

15th January, 2009 - 28th January, 2009

When this publication began 30 years ago, one of my key goals was to write about topics & stories that the mainstream media was afraid to cover, in the hopes of promoting better accountability.

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Interview exclusive with Tri-City Museologist George Jacob and Saginaw Art Museum Director Les Reker

George Jacob is a tri-city based museum professional known for his museum work spanning 11 countries. Trained at the Smithsonian, educated at University of Toronto and Yale School of Management, he has been the founding Director of two museums and has a track record of over $160 million in completed projects.

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An Exclusive and In-Depth Interview with Sheriff William Federspiel

It is almost one year to the day that Bill Federspiel tended his resignation to the Saginaw City Council announcing his intention to run for Sheriff of Saginaw County, launching an unprecedented challenge to then 10-year incumbent Sheriff Charles Brown.

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New Years Eve with Aretha

Chapter 1: Aretha Arrives! I made it to my seat at 10:15pm, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Queen of Soul. The hall filled up to two-thirds capacity by the 11 0' clock showtime but it did not sell out – not even close.

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Your household income can rise beyond $30,000, maybe even close to $40,000 and if you have a child in your home the federal tax code considers you to be low-income, or at least sort of low-income.

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