Issue 680

09th November, 2009 - 22nd November, 2009

Irony abounds.  A week before preparing this first of several anniversary editions that you presently hold in your hand, the buzz was out – Mid-Michigan’s three largest daily publications were cutting their frequency down to three times per week.

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Coal Fired Plant Hearings on Tap This Month

How much mercury is too much mercury? How much carbon dioxide is too much carbon dioxide? And in a very real sense -  which way does the wind blow?          These are among questions linked to a proposed vast expansion of Consumers Energy’s proposal for vast expansion of the Karn/Weadock Plant at the mouth of the Saginaw River in Hampton Township (Essexville).

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The history of the tri-city area (Saginaw, Bay City & Midland) goes back a long way - like hundreds of thousands of trillions of years ago. Back when the earth was formed, Saginaw and most of most of Michigan was covered with water, which was real deep and filled with creepy, yucky things.

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Kicks Off Most Ambitious Tour in Their 40-Year History at the 2009 Saginaw On Stage

When the 2009 presentation of Saginaw On Stage takes place at Apple Mountain on Saturday, April 11th, it will include a showcase from The New Reformation Jazz Band, certainly one of the more seminal mid-Michigan musical collaborations that have been featured many times in these pages over the past three decades.

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Detroit Garage and Heavy Metal Popsters enough for Little Steven to lift his big fat marinara drippin’ jowls out of a hot tub of spaghetti. OK, I get the idea. We have some Detroit cats that claim to be the next coming of Lennon & McCartney – or at least Nickelback and Hinder.

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