Issue 700

11th March, 2010 - 24th March, 2010

We’re Each Worth $1,300 Per Year in Federal Funds

Organizers on the Saginaw City Complete Count Committee have a pair of numbers in focus as they prepare for the 2010 U.S. Census. One key figure is 50,000, a population figure that the city must maintain to remain in line for maximum federal funds for programs such as block grants.

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For 34 years Project Censored has been committed to bringing the most vital stories to public awareness with the belief that genuine democracy depends upon freedom of the press. Founded by Carl Jensen in 1976, Project Censored is a media research program working in cooperation with various independent media groups throughout the U.

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One of Our Area’s Most Gifted Bands Raises the Sound Bar

Like the ancient meteors that brought life to earth, Maybe August has helped birth a renewed vitality to the music scene in the Great Lakes Bay region. We are in the midst of a shifting cultural zeitgeist that is at once both turgid and exciting; and Maybe August is the organic link between the wistful golden age of the sixties and the new millennium culture of greed and instant celebrity.

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Closes Out Season with a Tribute to Pop Classics on March 13-14 & Hot Latin Infusion on April 10-11

Over the expanse of his storied career, Maestro Leo Najar has embraced the embraced the inherent fluidity of musical structure in a manner respectful of the stylistic nature of its origin, yet mindful of the transcendence that can be achieved through experimentation.

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Officials Continue to Subvert the Public Will on Medical Marijuana

After years of hard work and perseverance legal access to marijuana for medicinal use has become a reality in Michigan. To date, implementation of the new law has been a surprisingly unproblematic task, thanks to the continuing efforts of committed activists, intent on ensuring that the transition from a policy of “zero tolerance” to one of compassion and acceptance is as seamless as can realistically be expected.

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Caters to Females, their Handbags, and their Parties (gentlemen included)

So much of our everyday society is about popular culture, more so than we would probably have it if we stopped to ponder the subject once in a while. Take an average middle-aged female going out by herself at night in Saginaw and expecting to 1.

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