Issue 702

15th April, 2010 - 05th May, 2010

Bay City Players Test the Contours of Musical Comedy with a Mel Brooks Classic

The Producers is arguably one of the most unusual musical comedies ever developed for the American theatrical stage. Adapted by comic genius Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan from Brooks’ 1968 film of the same name, the story concerns two theatrical producers who scheme to get rich by overselling interests in a Broadway flop.

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Editor, The Review; We are having a child soon. Though my parents smoked in front of me when I very young I am not going to smoke around her. I understand that she does not have a choice about being around the second hand smoke, so I will go outside of my own home to smoke.

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For a majority of Americans, contemporary politics is often equated with greed and cynicism. Recent polls show that 47% of Americans classify themselves as Independents rather than Republicans or Democrats; and a huge portion of the health care debate came down to the fact, which stuck out like a sore thumb, that elected legislators would not be partaking within the same coverage plans they were asking the rest of the citizenry to sign up for.

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Around January of this year word began to percolate about this gifted new band, unlike the traditional fare that you find performing in taverns throughout the Tri-Cities. An amalgamation of musicians spanning the Saginaw to Flint corridor, the group Thick as Thieves is a collective of musical personalities that spans many genres of music – from smoky soft Jazz, to percussive street beats, to Blues and Jam oriented Rock, without ever sounding forced or affected; and for good measure, they work an MC into the mix, adding an edge of street-wise sensibility into their sound.

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A unique type of beauty quietly thrives at a Tony's Restaurant. It's not high gloss, body sculpted, meticulously coiffed, not necessarily closet-tanned nor necessarily waxed. While patrons displaying those characteristics are doubtless among the welcomed guests to any Tony's Restaurant, the full beauty of a Tony's is better rounded than that.

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Midland, MI- The undefeated Great Lakes Loons dropped their Home Opener on Sunday, April 11th, in front of a record crowd of 5,723 at the Dow Diamond.  The Loons fresh off a 3-0 start on the road with the South Bend Silverhawks were defeated by their in-state rivals the Lansing Lugnuts 10-8.

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Editor, The Review; When a private enterprise fails, it is closed down; when a government enterprise fails, it is expanded. Isn't that exactly what's been happening with drugs? - Milton Friedman Michigan is out of money.

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