Issue 705

10th June, 2010 - 23rd June, 2010

Saginaw County 10th Circuit Judicial Race

Even though Michigan voters elect their judges, it is an unwritten ‘truth’ that few people really know who they are, let alone what positions they stand for in what is largely determined to be ‘non-partisan’ contests.

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There are good times to be had this summer. The White's Bar Summer Music Fest A-Go-Go is one of them. A large chunk of the local independent music scene is coming together, along with some outside help from out of state, performing from 2p.

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Cartoonist Extraordinaire

 Long time readers of this publication will undoubtedly remember the name of John Herbst, who from 1985 until 1998 contributed an impressive volume of original humor and insight in the form of cartoons, illustrations, and writing which focused upon politics and sports (two contact games, if ever there were any) to these pages.

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Opening ‘The Vault’ to the Riches of Live Music

I recently sat down with Carl Abila, the venerable guitarist/back-up vocalist for Silverspork one of the most talented and durable rock bands in Saginaw’s wild and woolly musical history. After eleven years and three CDs with Silverspork and a run as a restaurateur while attending college and working a second job, Abila joined forces with his cousin Rich Abila to take over management of Indian Barry’s  in Bay City.

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The unfunded liability for the state's four major pensions — schools, state employees, police, and judges — is pegged at $11.6 billion, and the future health care liability ranges from $45-50 billion.

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