Issue 714

04th November, 2010 - 17th November, 2010

The Editor, Bay Area Review Magazine;  Recently I became aware that the area around the Saginaw Bay constitutes the largest contiguous freshwater wetland area in the United States.

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The local music scene in this area has always been an explosion of good times, catchy melodies, and in this case, fierce metal-inspired breakdowns. “Runner Up” is Saginaw’s latest Pop/Punk group to jump on the scene with a real bang.

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Realities that Threaten the Health, Safety & Security of Every American

Editor’s Note: Apart from the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and an investigation that I conducted into the Freeland Chemical train derailment two decades ago, few dispatches have struck me as more horrific than the one you are about to read.

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Entrepreneurial Duo Building Revenue for Non-Profits

During uncertain economic times it can benefit anyone to save a buck here and there. The most obvious way is to cut back; less eating out, less entertainment, less spending altogether. But there is a better way to save money without needing to compromise on your dining and entertainment opportunities.

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Saginaw Art Museum Fundraising Auction & Exhibition Series November 18th Offers Interactive Experience for the Entire Family

For those looking to get a jump-start on the busy holiday season, the Saginaw Art Museum will help kick-off PRIDE in Saginaw’s Holiday in the Heart of the City weekend with a special exhibition series and fundraising event that will feature six exhibitions of contemporary work held throughout the past calendar year.

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