Issue 719

27th January, 2011 - 09th February, 2011

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” - Jonathan Swift, ‘A Critical Essay upon the Faculties of the Mind’   In November, 2008, over 3 million Michigan voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by a broad 63% margin, creating a situation that virtually eliminated the ‘criminal’ element that has profiteered on a multi-billion dollar underground industry for nearly 75-years, ever since the substance was classified as a ‘dangerous narcotic.

27th January, 2011 | 3 Comments

Don Lajiness & The 2nd System

The 2nd System has been around the block looking for a place to land. As a band of outcasts and misfits they learned at a very young age to walk to a different beat and dance to the rhythm of the street.

27th January, 2011 | 3 Comments

An Exclusive Interview with the Protoge Lifting the Blues to New Heights

(see display below for instructions on entering the Joe Bonamassa Guitar Giveaway) Although his is not as readily a recognized name as the legendary Blues guitarists that both influenced and now sing praises to Joe Bonamassa, his reputation as one of the world’s great guitar players and a charismatic blues-rock star and singer-songwriter of stylistic depth and dimensions is rapidly growing.

27th January, 2011 | 14 Comments

53,438 Dynamic 88 four-door hardtops rolled off of Oldsmobile’s assembly lines into the driveways and garages of American consumers during the 1962 model year. Many of them were welded, bolted, and riveted together at a factory in Lansing, Michigan, the state’s capital since 1847.

27th January, 2011 | 0 Comments

An Interview with the Founder, SKE3M

There was a new energy in the local hip hop community this past year. The movement is positive, contagious, and it’s called 989UNITED!  The concept revolves around musicians and entertainers of all backgrounds coming together through music in an effort to rebuild the community and help build up a promising music scene.

27th January, 2011 | 1 Comments

The Rise of The MC and The Next Generation

This past year saw the birth and breakthrough of several young artists in the local hip hop game. Due to outlets such as White’s Bar and the Internet many rappers in the area who were dismissed or not ready for the big events got a chance to hone their skills, develop their talents, and expand their fanbase.

27th January, 2011 | 0 Comments

For those captivated and inspired by the artistic role that community theatre forges within a community, Center State Theatre of the Midland Center for the Arts will present a rare opportunity to witness great community theatre from across the state of Michigan when it hosts the American Association of Community Theatre State Festival on February 4th & 5th.

27th January, 2011 | 0 Comments

Health Delivery Inc. is a federally supported provider of medical and dental services that supports more than 55,000 patients across 14 counties in mid-Michigan. An unemployed or low-income person can schedule a doctor appointment for as little as $20, or obtain even the most costly prescription for as little as $4.

27th January, 2011 | 0 Comments

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