Issue 735

03rd November, 2011 - 17th November, 2011

An Architect of Sound & Connection

“It doesn't matter how much money you make as long as you love what you do.” - Al Limberg    With the recent passing of Al Limberg, the Tri-cities has lost a significant linchpin that helped hold the musical community together not only as a top notch sound technician, but through his expansive commitment to all facets of our cultural community.

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Bay City Mayoral Candidates Clash Over Water Rate Bay City's Mayoral race between incumbent Chris Shannon and challenger Kathleen Newsham has heated up significantly over assertions made by the respective candidates in the Mayoral Forum that appeared in our last edition of The Review.

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A Pod Returns to the Ship - Full Meltdown

Dick Wagner is a reluctant icon. He wants your attention but prefers the shadows. He will write great songs yet never reveal his true self. His strengths are in composing and arranging, but his lyrics will always lean towards the 'universal' as opposed to personal.

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The Time Has Come Today

The Occupy Wall Street movement is the logical answer to the Tea Party, which singles out individual responsibility over social responsibility, and points the finger at government as the core of our economic woes, mistakenly missing the tight bonds that government and business have forged over the decades at the expense of what our fore-fathers and framers of our Constitution called a 'common good'.

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One Cure for the \"Foreclosure Crisis\"

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement represents a sizable sentiment of angry Americans who wonder why the Government bailed out Wall Street while allowing the current “foreclosure crisis” to destroy neighborhoods and lives.

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With their upcoming production of A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody on November 11-13 & 17-20th, The Bay City Players step into the fresh water of one of those rare occasions where they can enjoy the latitude of translating the work from a Michigan playwright, Ron Bernas.

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