Issue 741

09th February, 2012 - 22nd February, 2012

I guess I have always been kind of a third party guy.  When given a list of choices, it's not unfamiliar territory for me to feel like “None of the Above” would be a better option than anything covered by A thru D.

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Debut Performance Coming to Bay City's State Theatre February 25th

Bay City's historic State Theatre provides the perfect setting for showcasing the talents of keyboardist & songwriter Michael Brush as he takes to the stage on Saturday, February 25th at 7:30 PM to perform revamped versions of original songs spanning his 35-year career with his group Brush Street and an expanded String & Brass section.

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Picking Up the Baton & Carving New Territory

The Saginaw Choral Society is undoubtedly Saginaw's premier Community Chorus and one of Michigan's finest award-winning vocal ensembles, rendering unforgettable musical experiences throughout the Great Lakes Bay community for over 75 years.

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Additional reporting by Robert E. Martin.   When it comes down to the topic of creation, not in the book of Genesis, but in terms of the creation of Classic Rock 'n Roll of an epic proportion, there is no finer exponent than Saginaw's legendary Dick Wagner.

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The Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art opens an expansive and engaging hands-on examination of Space, Sky and Science Fiction with five exhibitions that celebrate the beauty and science of the upper atmosphere, along with the determined imagination of those who explore it.

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