Issue 746

26th April, 2012 - 16th May, 2012

Merging the Sensibilities of East West Into a Colorful & Profound Universal Vision

For any artist, the most critical strokes upon the canvas are the introductory ones, which shape and define the skeletal structure that the details of refinement are hung upon, often determining the success, strength, or weakness of one's artistic vision.

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The Creation of a Benevolent Fortress Bullfrog Records

Chad Cunningham is a man of purpose and honor. He grew up in an artistic family and music became the food of love and a second language for a young boy who idolized his Rock & Roll father.  It isn't any wonder that Chad followed in his father's footsteps.

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There aren't many days more exciting than the first day on the job.  It's often a fresh start or a step forward or a welcome bit of economic relief.  You'll probably get up in advance of your alarm and dress to impress in a crisp new outfit, be it a brand new uniform or a smart looking skirt.

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Seminal Rock Band with a 15-Year Legacy Takes the Stage at Bemo's May 18th

Back in the early 1980s - before Sony released their first CD player and Michael Jackson became a household name with 'Thriller'; and back when our area was still known as the Tri-Cities and live music percolated from clubs that sprouted like mushroom caps throughout the dirt and concrete of each of those cities, a timeline ran through the late 1990s that can definitely be considered a 'Golden Age' of area entertainment.

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As it winds down its 2012 theatre season, The Bay City Players have decided to tackle The Drowsy Chaperone, a contemporary musical comedy with an ingenious narrative framework involving a lonely, musical-loving schlemiel with a hyperactive fantasy life and the showgirl heroine of his dreams.

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From May 11-20th Pit & Balcony Theatre will be presenting Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) to close out its 2012 season, which is arguably one of the greatest and certainly most unusual and challenging works of musical theatre ever created for the contemporary stage.

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