Issue 751

12th July, 2012 - 25th July, 2012

"'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." -  Benjamin Franklin  * In a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy (1789)   Death and taxes.

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Roaming Free within the Vibrant Cage of Bonnaroo

By Bo White   This was my third straight year communing with the masses, over 80,000 brave souls enduring long hot days and cold spring-like nights. I would wake up each morning at 5am, stiff yet ready to move, walk a mile down the road and get a 12oz coffee for two bucks, walk back to the tent with an empty cup.

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The race for Saginaw County Clerk will pit Democratic incumbent Susan Kaltenbach against challenger Iveory M. Love-Morris in the August primary; with the winner facing off against Republican challenger James Ormsby in November.

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A significant contested race that often falls under the radar because people tend to take the position for granted is that of Saginaw County Public Works Commissioner, which in this case pits Democratic incumbent Matthew Rappley against challenger Brian Wendling.

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Cultivating the Friday Night Live Series Into a Premier Summer Music Festival

The story of PRIDE is one of commitment, compassion, and vision that started back in 1975 through the joint efforts of the downtown Saginaw business community, the Junior League and the City of Saginaw to stop the exodus of business and erosion of the tax base that started happening to the Central Business District when entities started moving operations to suburban malls in the 1970s, creating structural vacancies within the city.

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