Issue 762

10th January, 2013 - 23rd January, 2013

Conjuring Laughter & Irony Through a Comedic Fabric of Motivation

The Bay City Players' production of “And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little” written by Paul Zindel offers local theater goers a rare opportunity to experience a complex yet compelling drama laced with humor, madness and explosive confrontations.

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Armed with a Fresh Collection of Musical Material from his 13th CD 'love implied & aHometown Appearance at Pit & Balcony, an Award Winning Artist Travels the Ravaged Roads of the Familiar, Breaking Free from the Shackles of Nostalgia

Above all else, Stewart Francke is an 'Artist' (which one either is, or is not). An artist is not something one becomes; it is something that one is gifted with from birth. We can study to become more proficient at our artistry; but we do not study to be artists - it is a compulsion for creation that is equally transcendent as it is infuriating, because it is not an easy task to overcome the daily and often mundane routines of existence, which artists are not immune from; and create something of value that will endure the ravages of time.

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I believe in science.  Actually, I believe in scientists.  It's just an approach.  For instance, Isaac Newton was clearly a bright dude.  Check out his Wikipedia bio.  The guy had some serious hobbies.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Opening Day Slated for January 19th

Over 100 years ago, the 27 acre Tract of land where Hoyt Park sits on Saginaw's east side was heavily wooded at the top of the hill.  At the bottom of the Hill, it was basically a “Bayou.

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for the 2013 Review Music Awards

CLASS OF 2013 • 27th Review Music Awards Final Round Nominees Nominations have been received for the 27th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration with over 5700 votes in the initial round.

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