Issue 764

07th February, 2013 - 20th February, 2013

Project Censored Breaks Down the Top 10 Under-Reported Stories of the Year

For the 28th year in a row the Sonoma State University student and faculty program has concluded its annual search for major & significant but under-reported news stories;  and once again, Project Censored has cast the spotlight on stories many Americans never heard but need to know about.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor; Among the proposals to repay the uncontrolled charges they rang up - including funding two costly wars - myopic Congressmen want a hatchet job on programs essential for retirees and struggling Americans while personally ducking the chopping block.

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Melody, Harmony & The Spaces In-between

Andy Reed never ceases to amaze. It started in 2000 with The Haskels, a great new-millennium power pop band that slugged it out in the trenches, gigging' for a few bucks and drinks. They never gave up and by 2001 they recorded Rewind for Chad Cunningham's alter ego Bullfrog Records.

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Opening the Lens on the Panorama of Regional Music

Someone once said that the best way to help yourself if to help others first.  It is that ethic that seems to permeate the premises of INDIE SPoT Studios, a new player that is offering creative services and management to those engaged in the arena of independent and original music.

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