Issue 766

14th March, 2013 - 03rd April, 2013

Back in the Spring of 1980 actor Ronald Reagan was our newly elected President, AFL-CIO union leader George Meany had passed away, Exxon has posted an unprecedented profit of $3 billion dollars, and while the activist edge of the Women's Movement of the 1970s was relatively fragmented and mute, a young playwright names Beth Henley premiered a two-act play entitled The Miss Firecracker Contest in Los Angeles that would resonate with the passage of time as a contemporary and vivid meditation upon the nature of personal identity and public perception.

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Rotary Club of Saginaw Celebrates 10 Years Showcasing a Bountiful Array of Talent for Charity

2013 marks the 10th Anniversary for the annual Saginaw On Stage music festival, which originally was conceived by brothers Nick & Dave Oppermann as a charitable fundraising vehicle for the Saginaw Rotary Club with a dual objective of showcasing the varied and high-caliber musical artistry of the Great Lakes Bay Area, while simultaneously raising much needed funding for worthwhile community organizations.

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Is Sequester the Only Way to Fix Our Economic Woes?

Let's face it, television news is largely unwatchable.   This isn't a sudden situation, but something that has evolved over time.  Gone are the days when you chose one of three flavors, all of them substantial.

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Brody & The Busch Rd Trio Invades Fischer Hall

Eric 'Brody' Braeutigan vocals, rhythm guitar Derek Burk, lead guitar Josh Rodhammer, bass guitar Cody Little, drums   Brody is the alter ego of Eric Braeutigan, the erstwhile leader of the band.

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As president of the Saginaw County Hall of Fame, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Review for the wonderful coverage you gave for Harold Evans. He was truly one of a kind, so interesting and colorful.

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Innovations and a Stellar Line-up Highlight the 27th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration

The scene has changed considerably since 1987, when the Review held its first annual ceremony at the legendary Fordney Hotel to honor the creativity and talent of regional musicians that inspire, inform, and entertain us with their talent.

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