Issue 767

04th April, 2013 - 17th April, 2013

27th Annual Review Music Awards Program & Itinerary

The countdown is on for one of the Major Musical Extravaganzas of the year - the 27th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration is set to take off on Sunday, April 21st at the BARTS Complex in Bay City, which is located at 804 E.

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With the Stabilization of Saginaw's Artistic Gem, the New Director of The Saginaw Art Museum Shares Her Vision for Guiding a Community Treasure to New Heights of Excellence

When Saginaw's historic Saginaw Art Museum was spiraling into a financial tailspin last Fall with talk of possibly closing the architectural crown jewel of the Ring Home in which the museum is located, a group of community leaders rallied together to re-establish fiduciary responsibility and secure the future of this pivotal cultural resource and the rare irreplaceable works of art populating its permanent collection for posterity.

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The Sky Still Hasn't Fallen, though the Dollar's Future is Certainly Questionable

Crisis after crisis, the latest whodunnit partisan blame game in Washington ended somewhat abruptly after massive finger pointing by both sides as to whose idea this horrible sequester really was; and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post strode in and showed he is a lapdog of neither party nor any administration.

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One Book One Community Series Brings a Veteran Flint Police Officer to Saginaw on April 20th to Share His Stark Experiences and Insights

As part of the Public Libraries of Saginaw's 2013 One Book, One Community series, police officer and author Brian Willingham will be in Saginaw on Saturday, April 20th to discuss his new work, Soul of a Black Cop at 2:00 PM at First Congregational Church, 403 S.

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A Life In Review

It seems that the ever aging-out baby boomers have risen up from their  affair with modern country schlock to find some kind of meaning to their lost promise and dreary lives. We were confident that we would top our parents in some way.

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