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09th May, 2013 - 22nd May, 2013

The 27th Annual Review Music Awards was held on Sunday, April 21st at BARTS in Bay City.  Below you can find the total number of nominees in each division, the top five nominees, and the winner in each division.

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Inaugural Inductees into The Michigan Music Hall of Fame

The Review Music Awards is the oldest ceremony of its kind honoring creative fields of artistic endeavor in the musical & performing arts in the State of Michigan.  It pre-dates the Detroit Music Awards and the All Area Arts Awards and this year had over 7,000 people throughout the Great Lakes Bay area register to nominate the individuals it recognizes.

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For singer/songwriter Brett Mitchell, success is a juggling act balanced by hard work, persistence, and passion.  He is no stranger at being honored by fans at The Review Music Awards, having won numerous honors over the years beginning with the band Gutbucket, which he formed with guitar virtuoso Dave Kellan over a decade ago and cut his teeth with drumming professionally and touring by the age of 17.

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Pit & Balcony Tackles a Contemporary & Offbeat Musical Comedic Masterpiece

As they come to the conclusion of their 2013 season amidst an explosion of fresh color and renewal that only Spring can deliver, Pit & Balcony are poised to present The Drowsy Chaperone, a contemporary musical comedy with an ingenious narrative framework involving a lonely, musical-loving schlemiel with a hyperactive fantasy life and the showgirl heroine of his dreams.

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The Future Belongs to the Young

One of the more magical surprises at the 2013 Review Music Awards was when a group of young musicians known as the Saginaw Area Youth Jazz Ensemble (SAYJE) beat out such seasoned veterans as Brush Street with Brass & Strings and The Baytones to receive the honor of being selected Best Big Jazz Band.

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We always knew this area had talent; who knew we had so much twang.  The last several years have seen an explosion in the popularity of Country music and that has been mirrored in the number and quality of entertainers who are involved in the genre in this area.

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Northern Hospitality And Other Celestial Threads

Scott Baker is like a fine wine that just gets better over time. It seems that despite his prolific output he continues to build and perfect his craft. It helps that he has a kick-ass band with Eric Janetsky on guitar, Timmy Scott on drums and Matt Nyquist on the bass guitar.

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Vengeance is comprised of a core of dedicated musicians who are true believers in the transcendent power of music. For them music is more than its component parts. It is more like an aural landscape that shifts form and content, always growing and changing as the muse strikes.

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Best New Artist of the Year

Lemon Frog is one of those rare musical congregations that through diligence, persistence, and talent, has managed to make a serious mark on the regional circuit. Born from the musical ashes of several former popular Northern Michigan bands, the group consists of Steve Obuch (drums), Steven Obuch, Jr.

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Climate Disruption is profoundly deadly. It is the secondary effect of burning fossil fuels through manufacturing, transportation and agriculture. Burning fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide which in excess causes a greenhouse effect, trapping warm air in the atmosphere, moving the average temperature of the planet up and up.

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