Issue 774

08th August, 2013 - 28th August, 2013

One of the more impressive musical groups populating the stages of clubs and venues throughout the Great Lakes Bay region is a collective of three musical architects known as ROCKTROPOLIS who manage to infuse the ears of their audience with an originality of sound built upon a foundation of advanced and accomplished musicianship that balances complex and dynamic rhythmic patterns with intricate song constructions into a wall of musical sound that is as equally melodic as it is epic.

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Three Solutions to the Systemic Inflation Wrought By Michigan's No-Fault Auto Insurance

The consistent escalation of auto insurance premiums in Michigan tops the growing list of economic hardships facing residents and is arguably the most under-reported and easily fixable scandal that underscores how broken Michigan's 'No-Fault' system is and how ineffectual the State Legislature has become through their failure to address the problem.

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With Their New DOCKSIDE Restaurant, Eric Malmo & David Becker Add Fresh Shine, Quality Cuisine & Lively Libation to a Local Landmark

When it was first constructed on the bank of the Saginaw River back in 1966, centrally located in the heart of Downtown Bay City, The Blackhawk restaurant & supper club stood like a welcoming Mecca, looming over a land of opportunity at a time when American  ingenuity was at a zenith, and its appetite for unveiling high-water mark products was not limited to the assembly line.

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The Midland Center for the Arts has announced its 2013-14 season schedule, with an engaging, vibrant, and varied array of Season Openers, beginning with Dracula: The Musical that will run from September 27 - October 12th.

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I eagerly anticipated the return of Question Mark & the Mysterians to White's Bar. I am a longtime fan, having met Question Mark (Rudy Martinez) back in 1966 when he and his family lived on the 800 block of Howard Street right next door to my cousin Sally Rork.

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A Search for Love, Success, Perfect Pitch, Paradox & Harmony

She graduated from Arthur Hill High School in 1972, Rose to Fame as a Member of Both The Buckinghams & Mamas & the Papas and Dated the Late Comedian Andy Kaufman Along the Way. On the Eve of Her Saginaw Appearance, We Present an In-depth Interview with a True Local Legend.

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