Issue 775

29th August, 2013 - 11th September, 2013

Legacy Costs Creating $2 Million Annual Structural Deficit. How Should Legislators Address it?

Although the progression of Detroit's bankruptcy has loomed large in the news, the issues of escalating health care & legacy costs that has driven Detroit's fiscal woes over the past several decades is not unique.

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Spontaneity, Discipline & The Spaces Between

Brian James was born into a family with a golden touch and the tenacity for good genes. James is one of the 'good guys' who still believe in the ethics of hard work. He developed his craft and was mindful of how one's strength can become an Achilles heel.

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Michigan Author Pete Wurdock Mines Insight, Irony, and an Amazing Alchemy with His New Collection of Short Stories

With this impressive new collection of short stories, author Peter Wurdock has infused new life into the literary landscape with a collection of material that is reminiscent of the pioneering narratives of Hemingway's Nick Adams stories, avoiding the pitfalls of the derivative by plotting a course through the rough, unpredictable, and often isolated terrain of Michigan's natural splendor, populated with characters wrestling with emotive realization in a voice that is as equally fresh as it is contemporary.

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Music & Dance Kicks off a New Era at the Saginaw Art Museum September 19th

Join the Saginaw Art Museum as a new season of programming kicks off on September 19th. The Museum invites everyone to Take Part in the Art by celebrating local dance and music in the historic Italianate gardens.

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Sins in Stereo * Born on a Bonfire

There never seems to be a set patterned response to new bands breaking into the scene. The fans are fickle and unforgiving. Today's trendsetters become yesterday's news - once cool, now passé, lost in the shuffle of downloads and shrinking dollars.

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9th Annual Festival at Sanford Lake Park Shines Light on Talent & Community Support in the Great Lakes Bay

Early Fall (or Indian Summer, as we like to call it in Michigan) has always been my favorite time of year. The temperatures are warm, pleasant, and tolerable; the skies are bluer and consistently more cloud free, but mainly its due to the fact that in Michigan the season is so short that by the time September rolls around, its way too early to bid adieu to summer.

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