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17th October, 2013 - 30th October, 2013

In Their 4th Installment The Seekers Return to Assist a Single Mother & Her Young Daughters

For rapper and filmmaker Steve Shippy (also known as Prozak) much of 2013 has found him on a national 158-day tour, catching him in a whirlwind of airports, vans, concert stages, and hotel rooms; yet opening just enough windows of time to allow him to prepare his latest installment in the 'Seekers' series, which will make a worldwide debut in November.

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Bringing Independent Visions & Iconic Contemporary Films to the Great Lakes Bay

Commencing its seventh season and beginning a four-day run from Thursday, November 7th through Sunday November 10th, the annual Riverside Saginaw Film Festival has matured into a welcomed showcase for Independent, Foreign, Short & Documentary films that span the globe and are rarely shown on screens in the Great Lakes Bay area that tend to cater to mainstream Hollywood releases.

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An important measure on the November 5th ballot is a Renewal Millage Proposal for the Public Libraries of Saginaw, which would not exceed 1.2983 mills (1.2983 for each $1,000 of taxable property value) for a period of 10 years.

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Candidates Address Three Pivotal Questions Facing the Future of Saginaw

On November 5th three seats will be up for grabs on the Saginaw City Council at a juncture that is perhaps one of the most critical in the city's 154-year history. Beleaguered by escalating crime rates, declining property values, and intransigent unions, the one thing that Council distinguished themselves with since the last election four years ago was to cut services such as leaf-pick-up, code enforcement, and public safety in order to accommodate a general fund budget that currently is carrying $332,183,328 million in unfunded liabilities for three pension & legacy funds: Retiree Health, Police & Fire, and MERS, which covers all other city employees.

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The Cannabis Cancer Project has been providing cannabis oil to cancer patients on a donation basis (mostly for free because most cancer patients cannot afford the cost). They have been doing this with amazing results for 4 years now.

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Have You Been Drinking?

In music the passions enjoy themselves Friedrich Nietzsche     Those of you who keep up with the rumblings in the music scene in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan cannot help but wonder what happened to the fertile genius minds of our best musicians.

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Horror, Suspense & the Unknown.

The newest showcase of independent original cinema to surface in the Great Lakes Bay is the upcoming Things That Go Bump in the Night Film Festival, which will take place Friday & Saturday, October 25-26 at Whistling Idiots Dinner Theater, 710 Van Buren in Bay City.

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Happening October 23rd at The Castle Museum

The classic junior varsity Little Brown Jug football game has been a featured event between Arthur Hill and Saginaw High Schools since 1922. Sponsored by The Downtown Saginaw Lions Association, who created this event two years after it was chartered in 1920; the inception of the game was for young men who were reserve players to compete among their own ranks.

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