Issue 779

31st October, 2013 - 13th November, 2013

The War Against Medical Marijuana Takes Aim Against Cancer Patients

Despite passage of the Medical Marijuana Act in Michigan, which allows registered patients to obtain and grow marijuana to treat a broad variety of ailments as an alternative to costly and less effective pharmaceutical drugs, local law enforcement has recently been targeting a select group of providers focused upon providing relief for cancer patients that utilize a special type of hemp-based medicine known as Simpson Oil.

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Flow & Storage Nashville Style

Gretchen Peters is a familiar name in country music yet her notoriety is somewhat obscured by years of writing songs for other artists. She penned Independence Day for Martina McBride and won the CMA Song of the Year in 1995.

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The Prodigal Son Returns

Paul Krawl is one of the many musicians both great and obscure who have witnessed and had a role in defining the era of late sixties blues based rock & roll. He was at Monterey Pops in1967 backing up Johnny Winter during an incendiary performance.

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Smooth Jazz and Southern California go together like soft breezes and incessant 72-degree days - the music breathes upon a benevolent richness that is easily absorbed and capable of lifting one's mood to upper levels of well-being that float with the clouds, effortlessly elevated about the discords of stress and atonality that populate everyday existence.

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Playful Wit & Engaging Arrangements Form Signature Trademarks for This Infectious Musical Phenomenon

It may seem difficult upon the service to imagine an 8-piece musical group that exclusively uses ukuleles and voices to disarm audiences with song selections that range from Talking Heads Psycho Killer to David Bowie's Life On Mars,but the musically astounding Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has been raising the roof, selling out performances, and receiving standing ovations for 28 years now thanks to their discerning ear for the unusual.

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Lauren D. Chouinard has never been a boxer or an expert on the sport.   The true fact is he spent his childhood in the inner city of Chicago's south side a few blocks from the home of Cassius Clay (now Muhammad Ali) during a turbulent time of the 1960s trying to keep from getting his ass kicked, stabbed or shot.

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The second annual Halloween Costume Party that was co-sponsored by Review Magazine and was held on Friday, October 26th at The Golden Glow Ballroom drew over 130 ghoulish and colorful spirits together for an evening of dining, dancing and revelry.

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