Issue 783

09th January, 2014 - 29th January, 2014

The 1-Year Anniversary of Brian Martindale's Life Saving Gift to 10-Year Old Jessica Schwerin Yields Special Projects to Engage New Donors

It was by sheer providence that Bay City businessman Brian Martindale came upon a local newspaper story back in September of 2012 telling the tale of Jessica Schwerin, a 10-year old who had been diagnosed with kidney failure and was in desperate need of transplant in order to live.

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Michigan legislators have introduced a pair of bills that would reform the state’s asset forfeiture laws, which currently enable law enforcement agencies to seize property from innocent people easily and profitably.

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The Bay City Players’ Production of a Comedic Morality Tale Carries a Timeless Endurance

For their next winter performance of their 2014 season, The Bay City Players are busily shaping together the dramatic intricacies and comedic structure of Born Yesterday, which premiered on Broadway in 1946 starring Judy Holliday; and was also translated to film in 1950 and remade for contemporary audiences in 1993.

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Twenty-eight years ago The Review brought musicians of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genres together to both celebrate and honor the impact they make within our Great Lakes Bay region.

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The Wolf of Wall Street I must admit it has taken me awhile to appreciate the thespian talents of Leonardo DiCaprio and to understand his working relationship with filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

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In my own estimation, when it comes to bankable visionary directors with a gift for invention, Spike Jonze tops the A-list. In his first three films beginning with Being John Malkovich and following through with Adaptation and Where the Wild Things Are, Jonze takes seemingly inexplicable situations involving characters locked in various degrees of existential isolation and opens the viewer to worlds where all the dots seem to connect to a larger, deeper, and more profound meaning.

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Greta Van Fleet seemed to emerge from the ether as fully formed prodigies, channeling Led Zeppelin and leaping to the front of the pack. They have the look and sound of classic rockers yet have embraced the earthy realism of singers like Janis Joplin and Buddy Guy and the soulfulness of Sam and Dave.

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In the closing days of 2013, long-time Michigan political pundit Tim Skubick opined that a "disease" was affecting Lansing: "tax-cut fever." What about tax hike fever, Mr.

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Midland's Center Stage Managing Director Illuminates the Nuanced Dynamics Driving the Suspense Behind the Contemporary Classic 'Wait Until Dark'

Of the many community theatres that the Great Lakes Bay area is fortunate to have populating the region, the recently formed Center Stage theatrical component at the Midland Center for the Arts is impressive not only for the resources that it garners to stage its productions, but for the amount of volunteers, which number over 1000, that help deliver dynamic, varied, and quality productions to the patrons of community theatre.

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