Issue 790

08th May, 2014 - 28th May, 2014

Nominees & Winners of the 28th Annual Review Music Awards

An enthusiastic and up-beat gathering of 284 fans & supporters of regional musical talent in the Great Lakes Bay gathered together on Sunday, April 27th to honor musicians nominated in over 60 divergent categories at the Review’s 28th Annual Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration, which was held in the Genevieve Ballroom at Lumberbarons in Bay City.

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Mid-Michigan Music Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Inductees - Class of 2014

This was the second year the Executive Board of The Review Music Awards presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to inductees that are now members of what one day we hope to showcase the legacies of in a Mid-Michigan Music Hall of Fame.

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Best Country Female Vocalist - Best Country Band • Best Country Musician

Ten Hands Tall galloped onto the regional musical scene two years ago like a fresh thoroughbred breaking out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby to capture the eyes, ears, and imagination of audiences & fans with a fresh, compelling, and original synthesis of energetic and modern Country Rock achieved through the chemistry of a rhythmic alliance between veteran bassist/vocalist Rick Brown and drummer Dan Currier, who along with guitarist Jerome Ratell and multi-instrumentalist Billy Gunther, joined forces with a duo of fresh young talent: the energetic & creative instrumentation provided by lead guitarist/vocalist Barry Forster, coupled with the powerfully focused delivery of vocal dynamo Dani Vitany.

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Best Original Band - Best Female Country Vocalist - Best Duo

Mandi Layne and Greg Kevorkian have been making an impact at the Review Music Awards for the better part of the last decade.  This year, along with their band the Lost Highway, the pair picked up another five awards, including Best Original Band, Best Female Country Vocalist, Best Duo, Best Songwriters and the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Country Band.

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Best Music Video - Best Band Website - Best Alternative Band - Best CD Release - Best New Artist of the Year - Best Blues Band - Blues Instrumentalist

A rebel by birth and musician by choice, Michigan native Donald Benjamin first received notoriety on the regional music scene battling his way as a semi-finalist in the 2002 Mid-Michigan Idol competition.

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Over 75 years ago, Thornton Wilder penned Our Town – a Pulitzer Prize winning drama that defined the power of a small town in the lives and purpose of its people.  Over seven decades later the story, themes, and characters of this classic work still ring true.

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Best Recording Studio - Most Innovative Artist - Best Solo Artist - Critic's Choice Award: Best Songwriter

Andy Reed is what you can safely call a ‘Musician’s Musician’.  Ever since he first surfaced on the scene with the seminal Alt-Rock band The Haskels, up through the duo he formed with his brother, Jason Reed, to the stage he is at now with his ‘solo’ work with American Underdog, Reed has proven himself to be both a multi-talented musician, serving time with The Verve Pipe on bass.

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Best Jazz Songwriter - Best Jazz Musician - Best Jazz Small Combo

The success that Bryan Rombalski has enjoyed with both his solo work and with his band ‘Three Worlds’ has been consistent and cumulative. Over the past eight years Rombalski has managed to earn 21 trophies at the annual Review Music Awards ceremony, which readily demonstrates he is onto a winning formula.

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Best Blues Songwriter - Best Blues Vocalist - Critic's Choice: Best Blues Band

Matt Besey has proved to be a dominating and welcomed expressive force on the Mid-Michigan music scene, as well as the Review Music Awards, ever since he first surfaced upon the scene back in the early ‘90s.

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Best Metal Band

This year the selection of Best Metal Band at the 2014 Review Music Awards went to Four Minute Death Ride – a group of friends who just decided to start making music together “after numerous unsuccessful attempts”, explains drummer Jeff Douglas.

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MATRIX: MIDLAND at Midland Center for the Arts has announced the lineup for its 37th annual MATRIX: MIDLAND Festival, featuring world-class performers, musicians and professional speakers. This year’s festival runs from Saturday, May 31, through Thursday, June 26.

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