Issue 791

29th May, 2014 - 18th June, 2014

Compiled by Robert E, Martin

Michigan Public Schools Getting More Money for Fewer Students Despite claims by The Detroit Free Press and the Senate Minority leader asserting state funding cuts are a reason some public school districts are in financial distress, according to the State Fiscal Agency, K-12 public education has received hundreds of millions of dollars more the past few years, despite there being a drop in the number of students the past three years.

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With His First Major Exhibition at The Saginaw Art Museum, Painter, Sculptor, Writer & Musician Scott Lurain Connects a Tapestry of Mixed-Media Masterpieces

“Of the many species populating the planet, Man is the only one that says he believes in a God and then acts as if He doesn’t exist.” – Hunter S. Thompson • The Rum Diaries   Scott Lurain is an extraordinarily gifted artist committed to an expanded vision of commitment that extends beyond the parameters of the canvases that he paints upon and materials that he incorporates into his creations.

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A Creative Legacy Larger than the Sum of its Parts

Editor’s Note: The Review is proud to be jumping on-board as a co-sponsor for this year’s 2014 Dirt Fest, which is a groundbreaking and ever-evolving compendium of original music that will take place this year on Saturday, August 9th at The Birch Run Expo Center.

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Although they possess enough exquisitely detailed vocal and instrumental ability to become a regionalized musical franchise in the vein of such legendary groups as The Eagles and Crosby Stills & Nash (whose work they have deftly re-enacted in the past and meticulous attention to detail they commonly share) the musical collective known as Grefe, Gaus & Grefe are undoubtedly selective and discerning about the projects they pursue.

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For me what ushers in summer better than any other festival in our region is the annual St. Demetrios Greek Festival, which during the weekend of June 13-14-15th will be celebrating its 36th year of serving up fellowship, music, dance, and the finest variety of authentic & sumptuous Greek cuisine to be found on the planet.

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Fueled by the Drive to Excel as Crowd Pleasers

Through a combination of dedication, persistence, and passion, the Rock ‘n Roll outfit known as Eventide managed to motivate their fan-base enough to receive the nod for Best Rock Band at this year’s 2014 Review Music Awards Ceremony, along with individual awards to Dave Banks as Best Rock Keyboardist and Matt Hyatt, who won Best Rock Guitarist at last year’s ceremony.

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The Junior League of Saginaw Valley recently celebrated 80 years of philanthropy and involvement in the Great Lakes Bay region, engaging women from all walks of life to focus upon the power of networking and harnessing their talents to create a better community.

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Over the past six years the annual Free Music Festival held at Tittabawassee Park in Freeland quickly evolved into one of the more innovative summer showcases, featuring some of the most original and engaging musical artists populating the Michigan region; and drawing thousands of people together for a day of musical celebration.

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My grandson, Griffin age 8, is a huge WWE Wrestling fan.  He wears his WWE Championship belt out to dinner.  I was told the WWE was coming to Saginaw so I arranged to photograph the event for Review magazine.

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