Issue 801

04th December, 2014 - 24th December, 2014

Groups Cultivating Warmth & Sustenance in the Great Lakes Bay Through Community Outreach

As Christmas approaches, it is an inevitable and welcome by-product of the seasonal spirit to witness people who normally don’t invest a lot of time or money into worthy causes to experience the inspiration to do something positive for people less fortunate.

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With a New CD that Expands the Boundaries of the Blues Beyond Genre and a December 27th Concert to Benefit Major Chords for Minors, Saginaw's Premier Showman Shines in the International Spotlight at the Peak of His Game

The musical powerhouse known as Larry McCray has stood on the frontlines of the contemporary American Blues scene for nearly three decades now.  Possessing an unmistakably biting and simultaneously distinct and cascading tone to his fluid guitar playing and an expressive and full baritone voice, this year alone McCray has performed at over 56 Blues festivals throughout the world and is constantly expanding his formidable reputation to wider international acclaim.

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Let's Get Rational

David Fricke calls Scott Morgan one of the great voices in rock & roll and it is no exaggerated boast. Morgan has been singing soulful rock & roll since he was knee-high to a grasshopper in the early sixties.

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The Best Books of 2014

Each November the editors at Publisher’s Weekly look back at the nearly 9,000 titles of new books they’ve reviewed over the course of the year and pick favorites in several categories: fiction, poetry, mystery/thriller, SF/fantasy/horror, romance/erotica, comics, picture books, middle grade, and young adult.

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Music For the Ears That Makes Great Stocking Stuffers

Top of my best of 2014 music list has to be Canada’s Zen master of the dark side Leonard Cohen’s disc “Popular Problems”. When the September 8th issue of The New Yorker magazine published the poem of the lyrics to his song “Almost Like The Blues” I literally heard Cohen’s voice reading it to me.

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Band Live @ the Dow Event Center

Bob Seger is a true American Icon. At 69 years of age he is showing no signs of fading into the goodnight of his career. It’s been a long road since those halcyon days in the mid to late sixties when Seger was punching out those funky rock & roll anthems like East Side Story, Heavy Music, 2+2=?, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man and Lucifer – songs that were axiomatic for building the foundation that defined the  ‘Michigan Sound’ as much as the work of such contemporaries as The MC5, The Stooges, and The Amboy Dukes.

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There are certain artists who’s talent, expertise, life experiences, and spirit regarding the ways they communicate with an audience converge together at some point to catapult them into an entirely higher level of performance; and Michael Brush is such an artist.

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