Issue 804

05th February, 2015 - 18th February, 2015


As we move through these cold early weeks of the new year, one annual tradition that is decidedly heating things up is the nominating round for our 29th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony, which this year has introduced several technical improvements on our newly designed website designed to assure the most accurate and expeditious tabulation system; and has also witnessed several new nominees popping up in numerous divisions of the balloting.

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I’ve run for office a couple times. I lost. Bad. Really bad. I have publicly attributed these loses to the fact that I ran under the banner of a Third Party, but privately I know that I am simply unelectable. Despite my inability to gather many votes, in each case the election process had very positive effects on me. I got to air my opinions in public forums and genuinely felt that my concerns were now part of the public debate.

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Spell the word love backwards and you get evol – amazingly, few people realize this is where the ancient root of our current understanding of the word came from, apart from Eve and a few frustrated linguists at Oxford eager to trade their dissertations for the burning sensations that can be attributed during the ritual of VD that is known as ‘Valentine’s Day’.

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Several dynamic events are exhibitions are in store at the Saginaw Art Museum guaranteed to fill these cold winter days with color and excitement over the next several weeks, including the annual Antique Appraisal Fair that is happening on Saturday, March 14th from 10 am to 3 pm.

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Channeling Divergent Musical Tastes and Charting Their Own Road of Musical Creativity

Brody & the Busch Rd. Trio epitomize everything that a creative rock-n-roll outfit should embody in these contemporary and confusing times when audience attention spans can be so easily diverted by the latest instagram that pops on their cell phones.

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As Dave Marsh recounts Louie Louie began as an innocent sea shanty about a lovesick Jamaican Sailor. It was authored by Richard Berry in 1956 and it was raised to glory status by Rockin’ Robin Roberts, Seattle’s resident Wildman. The Wailers would pack the house, 2000 strong. They would play in hamburger stand parking lots and on rooftops of drive-in theater concession stands. Just kids in hot cars drinking beer and going out to dances. It was a magic time. In the summer of 1957, Richard Berry’s Louie Louie was all the rage.

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Ken Emerson fashioned an incredible family portrait of fourteen songsmiths of that bygone era of the fifties and sixties. The music was all encompassing as Tin Pan Alley shifted and changed with the times. Incredible craft and no small amount of competitive spirit merged with Baion Beats, augmented chords, polyrhythms and nonsense syllables just for fun.

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The Soul of the Association Remembers….

Terry Kirkman is an anomaly in the pantheon of pop star narcissism; he does not gaze at his reflection nor does he look into the abyss. He has a clear-eyed perspective about his past life as a successful singer and songwriter, with just enough faux gravitas that can confuse as well as delight. He has a fine tuned tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that can give the listener a foggy notion that here is something much deeper.

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