Issue 806

05th March, 2015 - 25th March, 2015

The investigative research team Project Censored, which sprang out of a journalism workshop at Sonoma State University, defines censorship as “…anything that interferes with the free flow of information in a society that purports to uphold free press principles.” Sponsored by the Media Freedom Foundation every year since 1976, the Project selects the 25 “most censored stories” on the planet.

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With over 6004 votes cast for all categories & divisions and 948 musicians throughout the region nominated, during the first weekend of the final voting round we had another 1,000 votes cast; so it is safe to say that with our newly instituted tabulation script designed to protect against voter fraud, coupled with the level of registration and interest, this year’s ceremony will be the most accurate and fairest assessment from the voting public that we have yet presented.

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“The night that I fell in love with a roller derby queen” – Jim Croce

While this bit of nostalgia might be familiar to many, it may come as a surprise that roller derby has made quite a comeback. In fact, it is becoming all the rage in our own back yard. The Chemical City Derby Girls are an independent roller derby team based in Midland. Drawing team members from the Tri-City area, the squad scrimmages and competes with other teams in the region.

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As Pit & Balcony Theatre continues their foray into plays that tend to push the theatrical envelope; their next presentation involves a revival of playwright Noel Coward’s incredibly urbane and tightly woven comedy Blithe Spirit, which will make a six-performance run from March 20-22 & 27-29th.

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Dysfunctional families often drive the American theatre – think of the many plays with frustrated husbands and shrewish wives; those miserable children and impossible in-laws – and without doubt, the great American play You Can’t Take It With You is undergoing a welcomed revival at Bay City Players, as they prepare for their own treatment and take upon this American classic.

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The Spring Shorts Film Festival is an opportunity for any Michigan filmmaker to present their films and videos to an audience. Spring Shorts 2015 is an open-genre film festival, designed to promote local filmmaking in Michigan. Organizers are looking for any genre and style of film.

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Bidding Farewell to a Maestro of Musical Magic

From the first time that I met and interviewed Brett Mitchell I could sense there was something special about him beyond his earnest approach towards bringing the timeless majesty of Classical Music to contemporary audiences; and introducing contemporary Classical works to the more ingrained and established fans of the idiom that rarely turn their ears towards the Modern.

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When it comes to contemporary music, Blues Vocalist Thornetta Davis has dominated the scene for many years and is undoubtedly worthy of picking up the torch laid down by such classy ladies as Koko Taylor and Aretha Franklin.​

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