Issue 807

26th March, 2015 - 08th April, 2015

Putting Words into Action From Jerusalem to the Inner Cities

Last October Pastor Connie Sassanella was installed as the new minister at St. John’s, bringing with her significant experience and expertise at leading a mission-minded congregation. A native of Port Huron, she left Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Salem, Ohio, to become the new Pastor at St. John’s and brings with her a vast array of inner-city experience coupled with a pro-active sensibility and acute sensitivity towards the needs of those from all walks of life.

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The period of history from 1861-1865 that marks the division of our country during the United States Civil War carries deep ramifications throughout the fabric of our society. Apart from the defining battles, loss of life, and abolition of slavery that marked this conflict, it was a period that ushered in significant economic and societal changes throughout the landscape and fabric of America, which are still felt to this day.

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Spearheading the Renaissance of Downtown Saginaw with Magic, Majesty & Affordability

The historic landmark standing proudly on the corner of South Washington & Genesee streets known as The Bancroft Complex, which houses the Bancroft Luxury Apartments, Bancroft Coffee & Tea and the Bancroft Wine & Martini Bar, has witnessed considerable progress and escalating success at spearheading the renaissance and re-invention of Downtown Saginaw.

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29th Annual Review Music Awards Program Schedule • Sunday, April 12th

All of us at The Review are busily revved-up and undeniably excited about our upcoming 29th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony & Celebration, which is set to commence on Sunday, April 12th in the spacious Genevieve Ballroom at Lumber Barons in Bay City, which is located at 804 E. Midland Street.

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Known as The Detroit Diva, Eliza Neals’ new release “Breaking and Entering” is heavy-duty rock infused blues with just a touch of R&B & Americana twang. This disc will be her sixth release not including her single “Sugar Daddy” from the summer of 2014 with The Narcotics also included on this disc. All songs written or co-written by Eliza Neals and there isn’t a song among the twelve I would skip through. Even the seven-minute version of the title track ends with the listener wanting more!

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Saginaw power trio, ɨ am sunday has a five original song disc (or download) 2015 release called “Binary” packed with heartfelt music that harkens back to a time when metal was young and proudly punk.

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I want to offer a quick review of a recently released, truly awesome jazz instrumental single called “Estrella” by The Robert Lee Revue that is so short and sweet, you’ll want to listen to it on repeat!

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Books in Review

I must admit that I’ve lost my thrill for all things Beatles. With Lennon and Harrison gone, the soul of the Beatles seems a bit tarnished, diffused by Paul McCartney’s attempt to be relevant, singing (horribly) at the Grammys, collaborating with Kanye West, and insisting that Kanye is a genius - WTF.

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