Issue 814

13th August, 2015 - 02nd September, 2015

The Inaugural Great Lakes Bay En Plein Air Festival

The inaugural Great Lakes Bay En Plein Air Festival, which was sponsored through the auspices of The Saginaw Art Museum and pulled together 52 artists from across the state of Michigan with the goal of painting original works of art outdoors, on location, at sites throughout the region between June 15-21st, has resulted in a profound and singular success that resonates on numerous levels.

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Brew Master Steve Buscka has made beer professionally since 1991 and started applying the talents of his trade at the Frankenmuth Brewery nine months in November of last year and says that he’s always enjoyed a good beer.

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Celebrating the Sweet Taste of Success & Innovation at the Oldest Brewery in the State of Michigan

The Frankenmuth Brewery has seen all kinds of things throughout its 153-year history. Apart from being the oldest brewery in the State of Michigan, it is also one of the top five oldest in the country and has witnessed many renovations and reincarnations over the years, apart from miraculously rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a fire in 1987 and rebuilding after a disastrous tornado.

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Offering a Swan-Song to Summer with Top-Notch Music, Family Activities & Cultural Reinvestment in the Region

For the past decade one sure sign that Indian Summer is rapidly approaching is the annual Parkapalooza Festival held at Sanford Lake Park, which allows fans, supporters, and patrons to bask in the sun and soak up top-notch musical nourishment on a half-mile of lakefront with 1000 feet of soft sandy beach.

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The 1980’s were a hotbed for great music in the Tri-Cities and sizzled like a rapid-fire one-liner delivered from Robin Williams’s lips. It seemed as if music was everywhere and radiated from back porch cornpone to a litany of rock clubs like The Red Elephant, The Powerhouse & The Fordney Hotel with enough punk pizzazz to keep everyone happy.

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Statewide Ballot Initiative Seeks Citizen Involvement to Reclaim the Natural Resources & Damage to Human Health the Michigan Legislature Sold to the Gas Industry for Pennies on the Dollar

High volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing – commonly called fracking – was developed in the late 1990s. Through this process a well is drilled several miles underground, first vertically and then horizontally, at which points companies mix chemicals – many of them cancer causing or neurotoxic – with millions of gallons of water and sand.

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Three meetings of Bernie Sanders for President supporters were held in the Tri-cities on July 29. 35 people attended in Bay City, 44 in Saginaw and 20 in Midland. The Vermont Senator gave a 20-minute video address and over 100,000 people attended the 3,500 campaign kick-off events across the USA.

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