Issue 819

25th November, 2015 - 16th December, 2015

The Saginaw Art Museum Showcases the Power & Beauty of a Legendary Photographer

The Saginaw Art Museum is currently showcasing a definitive exhibition featuring the work of ground-breaking photographer Ansel Adams that will run through January 7th and features a collection of forty-nine works by this visionary artist, which constitutes nearly two-thirds of a selection that Adams made late in his life in order to serve as a succinct representation of his life’s work.

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An Exclusive Interview with The King of Stand-up on the Eve of His December 3rd Appearance at The Dow Event Center

For those unfamiliar with the broadly popular appeal of stand-up comedian Brian Regan, he is undeniably one of the most respected and hardest working comedians in the country. During the course of the current leg of his 10-year ‘Non-Stop Theatre Tour’, which will be landing at The Dow Event Center in Saginaw on Thursday, December 3rd, he has played 39 cities and has performed at more than 80 cities each year since 2005.

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Meet a 13-Year Old Angel Gaining National Attention Helping the Less Fortunate • Midland Area Fundraiser Happening December 4th

Within the chilling framework of hatred left in the wake of the recent Paris bombings and the polarization engendered by ideological extremism seeping into all facets of American life this holiday season, we can all learn an important lesson about the difference an individual can make improving the world by taking a close look at Caleb White.

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Pit & Balcony Community Theatre Reimagines the Distinctive Seasonal Magic of a Holiday Classic

When it comes to the Christmas holiday functioning as an inspirational vehicle for the performing arts, few productions can top It’s a Wonderful Life - the classic Christmas drama produced and directed by the legendary Frank Capra, which was based on the short story The Greatest Gift, written by Philip Van Doren Stern in 1939 and privately published in 1945. Indeed, the film is considered one of the most inspirational and best loved movies in American cinema.

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European Conductor Guides the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra Upon a Musical Holiday Excursion on December 8th

As The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra continues the musical odyssey of its 80th anniversary with a season built around performances featuring guest conductors - each with distinctive attributes - that are being considered for the position of permanent musical director to fill the role left by the departure of Maestro Brett Mitchell, preparations are busily underway for their annual holiday performance, which will feature conductor & violinist Mariusz Smolij, whom has assembled a program entitled Around the World at Christmastime that will be premiered on Tuesday, December 8th at 8:00 PM at Saginaw’s historic Temple Theatre.

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Whether you prefer your entertainment on digital media, CD, paper, or e-ink, we’ve got a dozen solid gift-giving ideas from the book and music departments for just about everyone on your list.

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