Issue 820

17th December, 2015 - 13th January, 2016

25th Anniversary Show Set for Bemo’s on December 26th with a Stunning Collection of New Original Material Set for Spring Release

When considering the impact of legendary bands that have cut a definitive creative mark upon the Mid-Michigan region, it is impossible not to include the legacy of The Process – a Vassar-based group of innovative creative forces who pioneered a unique fusion between reggae & punk rock that continues to remain true to their musical vision.

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2015 proved to be a positive year for numerous arts organizations, with a canvas of creativity that enriched the lives of people populating communities throughout the entire Great Lakes Bay region.

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Tomorrow Never Knows

It’s been a helluva of a year. Everything is topsy-turvy, from the sacred to the serious, and when surveying the cultural landscape of 2015 it seems the driving force has centered around a broadening battle between artistic integrity and economic viability in the drive to fill concert seats.

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Where Up is Down and We All Take a Ride on the Merry-go-round

2015 was a depressing yet hopeful year politically. Depressing, because it further emphasized the economic disparity throughout America that is ripping our country apart at the seams through the polarization of extremes on both sides of the spectrum, which in the process has squeezed out rationality. Hopeful, because on several fronts of the local, national, and statewide landscape, people were looking outside the mainstream for ways to fix the system.

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According to recent data collected by the Surgeon General’s office approximately 1/3 of Michigan’s residents are overweight, with many people attempting to address the issue through a myriad of weight-loss plans that often offer only mixed results.

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​Michigan State football was highlighted again this year in Michigan sports. The Spartans went 11-2, 7-1 in the Big 10 and they ranked 7th in the nation. This Cotton Bowl game with Baylor was the best of the season as they came back from 20 down in the last quarter to win 42-41.

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