Issue 821

14th January, 2016 - 03rd February, 2016

A Review Position Paper

As we embark upon a new year – and more importantly, an important Presidential election year – and as the Review enters its 37th year of publishing, I feel it incumbent to articulate a renewed Position Paper of sorts designed not only to re-define and renew what I perceive to be the Editorial Mission of this publication; but also address a growing concern with journalistic media on all levels of the national spectrum.

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Vibrant Clarity & Tight Chemistry Equate with Visual Excitement from One of the Region’s Breakout All-Original Bands

They say there is power in positive thinking. It is the engine that drives dreamers in the direction of who they want to be. Musically, if you are looking for proof of this theory, you might consider sitting down with ADABOY! - one of the Great Lakes Bay region’s breakout bands of 2015 that are charting a course for the high-ground as we embark upon these early days of 2016.

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Always...Patsy Cline is based on the true story of country-great Patsy Cline's friendship with Houston housewife Louise Seger. Having first heard Cline on the "Arthur Godfrey Show" in 1957, Seger became an immediate and avid fan of Cline's and she constantly hounded the local disc jockey to play Cline's records on the radio. Then in 1961 when Cline went to Houston for a show, Seger and her buddies arrived about an hour-and-a-half early and, by coincidence, met Cline who was traveling alone.

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Former Saginaw City Manager's Pivotal Role in the Flint Water Crisis

Back in 2014, while under the control of Emergency Manager Darnell Earley, the City of Flint started drawing its municipal water from the corrosive Flint River. As the former City Manager of Saginaw from 2006-13, Earley left his position in Saginaw after receiving an appointment from Gov. Rick Snyder to become Flint’s new ‘Emergency Manager’ in order to help solve that beleaguered city’s fiscal crisis.

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The voters have spoken. No means no, right? Apparently Saginaw County Senator Ken Horn does not understand this. Horn has just sponsored another Proposition 1 style ballot question (Senate Joint Resolution M) to increase the state sales tax from 6% to 7%.​

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An Exclusive Interview with Triple Crown Winner Dan Runte

Monster Truck driver Dan Runte has been behind the steering wheel of Bigfoot – one of the most daunting and formidable vehicles ever assembled throughout the history of Monster Truck events – for nearly 27 years now. Currently regarded as one of the most daring drivers in the history of Bigfoot and Monster Truck Competitions, Dan presently holds three Guinness World Records, including the Longest Ramp Jump in a Monster Truck and the Fastest Speed in a Monster Truck.​

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A Classical Myth Retold with Experimental Innovation Graces the Pit & Balcony Stage February 5-7 & 12-14

Eurydice is a 2003 play by experimental playwright Sarah Ruhl that retells the Classical Greek myth of Orpheus from the perspective of his wife and the play’s heroine, Eurydice.

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Guiding the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra Through a Voyage of Drama, Folklore & 21 Years of Inspirations on January 30th at The Temple Theatre

As the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra continues their quest to secure a permanent conductor by constructing an approach that allows each of the five finalists under consideration by the SBSO Board of Directors to design and orchestrate a special program for each of the five performances constituting their 2016 Concert Season, the results have struck an engaging chord within the community, drawing strong attendance for each of the two concerts featured thus far in the season.

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The Final Round of voting in the Review’s 30th Annual Music Awards Ceremony is now underway. During the nomination round we had a total of 6,986 votes cast for all categories and divisions; and now is your opportunity to determine the top selection for each division by going to our online edition at and casting your vote in the finals.

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