Issue 845

01st June, 2017 - 21st June, 2017

Creating a Time Tunnel Connecting the Ancient with the Contemporary In a Bountiful Celebration of Culture & Community

As the longest days approach each year with the Summer Solstice, hundreds of volunteers throughout the community gather together with the singular purpose of tending to the numerous details, tasks, and nuances that collectively pull together all the elements that make the annual St. Demetrios Greek Festival one of the most pivotal celebrations to resonate throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

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Your government at work with your tax dollars. Loan billions to unprepared teenagers so they can pretend to get smart in college. When they fail miserably due to the fact after twelve years of public school government indoctrination they can’t read, write or add, the government pays slimy collection agencies to get these unemployed recipients to pay up.

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The ‘Best Alternative Band’ of 2017 Set to Release New CD ‘Holy Water’ on June 2nd

It’s often said, “the devil is in the details.” In music this is as true as in any pursuit, as it is the ability to interject a performance with nuance and guile that separates the derivative from the deft.

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A Visual Symphony of Light, Color & Regional Inspiration

For the third consecutive year from June 12-17th artists from throughout Michigan and beyond will converge upon designated locations in Saginaw, Bay & Midland counties, each of them focused upon a goal of capturing the diverse and resplendent beauty of our region at the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Bay En Plein Air Festival, culminating in an expansive exhibition at The Saginaw Art Museum and other nearby venues that will showcase the resulting paintings from their five-day mission.

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Pit & Balcony Announces a ‘Daring & De-lovely’ 86th Season

Pit & Balcony Community Theatre will be introducing their new After Dark Series with an innovative and powerful production of playwright Doug Wright’s Stonewater Rapture.

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The Saginaw District Golf Association’s annual Invitational Tournament has been held each year in June at different golf courses throughout Saginaw County for 62-years now; and this year the 2017 Saginaw District Golf Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of June 23-24-25 at The Saginaw Country Club.

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An Insightful Conversation with the 2016 Saginaw District Legends Division Winner

For Saginaw District Legends Division golf champion Gary Trumble last year’s first place win in the 72-hole Medal-play tournament was a glorious respite from the ‘Second Place Syndrome’ that ironically has followed this Class A golfer around for much of his remarkable involvement with the sport over the decades.

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