Issue 847

13th July, 2017 - 02nd August, 2017

The Amazing Legacy of a 4th Generation Cultural Treasure

The iconoclastic and undeniably unique presence that White’s Bar harbors throughout the Saginaw community and beyond is truly the stuff that legends are made. Comprised of qualities that include vision and tireless commitment mixed with profound amounts of passion and hard work, on Saturday, July 29th from 1 PM until 2 AM this ‘little family bar’ located at 2609 State St. will be staging their 80th Anniversary Celebration with an all-day outdoor festival featuring more than a dozen bands performing both inside and outside this classic Saginaw landmark.

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As a self-styled aficionado of stringed instruments, I’ve asked a number of players and builders over the years a pretty standard question: “What makes a good guitar?” When I recently sat down with luthier Jason Mills, the founder of Highwood Guitars, he gave me perhaps the most interesting answer I have gotten to date: “Curiosity.”

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Bay City Players Explore the Search for Freedom in the Untamed Landscape of the Summer of Love

When it first opened on Broadway back in the Spring of 1968, HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical was as equally radical and defiant as it was inclusive, embracing, and emblematic of the times it reflected.

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Where Winter seems to come with a specified playlist that we revive on cue every year after Halloween, Summer cries out for its own soundtrack. Windows down, breeze in our hair, and a perfect new tune in our ear. This is how our warm weather memories are cemented.

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