Issue 851

05th October, 2017 - 25th October, 2017

Securing Driver Safety or Fiscal Folly?

A few weeks ago, while driving down one of the numerous crumbling and deteriorating streets in Saginaw County, I could not help but notice how perfectly fine road signs were being replaced with completely new signage containing identical information. Moreover, not only were the signs themselves being replaced, but so were the poles holding the signs, even though the posts themselves were in strong and sturdy shape.

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Local Boys Live their Own 'Hard Day’s Night' on Rocket Ride to the Top of International Acclaim

In the event you’ve been living under a rock or simply have lost interest in the relatively corporatized, sanitized, and benign entropy that pretty much defines the contemporary landscape of rock ‘n roll, leave it to four enterprising and passionately engaged musicians from Frankenmuth, Michigan to shift the gears on a classic model and break into the international consciousness with a fresh sound and talent that within the course of a few short months has catapulted them into that rarified air of rapid success and critical acclaim.

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Retail stocks have been annihilated recently, despite the economy eking out growth. The fundamentals of the retail business look horrible: Sales are stagnating and profitability is getting worse with every passing quarter.

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New Music in REVIEW

The new release by contemporary Reggae advocate, ambassador, songwriter, and innovative producer David Asher is titled Dub World - an engaging remix of stellar tracks cultivated from his last groundbreaking 2016 outing Who Is That Mad Band? with The PROCESS.

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We were saddened to hear of the passing of Kevin McCreery on September 14 from cancer. Many will remember Kevin as a fixture in the regional music scene, as his local bands Mach, Love Jones and Feeding the Machine enjoy “legendary” status to those who followed original music in the area during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Kevin’s bands were regulars at the annual Review Music Awards and within the pages of the magazine.

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Letter to the Editor

Recently, my wife and I enjoyed a pleasant evening out and about in Downtown Saginaw with some friends. We visited Bourbon + Co. and the Bancroft Wine and Martini Bar. Upon entering Bourbon + Co. - we noticed that it was standing room only, a live band was playing, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. We both ordered a drink and our conversation soon turned to how exciting it is to see up-scale dining and entertainment in downtown Saginaw and there being no shortage of patrons. I immediately reached for my phone and began to text my parents. I was excited to tell them about the robust turn-out, the enthusiastic atmosphere and that the band was playing their music and that they would love it down here. They said the next time that we go, they would love to join us, (next weekend!)

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